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App Store Submission

On Wednesday, October 19, we are finally submitting the Unity game we have been working on the past year. The game will launch for free in November for Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S) and iPad (1 & 2). My role in the project has been project leader, although I have spent most […]

Mobile Trends from Barcelona

Yesterday I held a seminar at the Swedish conference “IT på framkanten” (eng. “At the edge of IT”) about the latest mobile trends from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I filmed the entire seminar, so if you understand Swedish and have an hour to spare you are very welcome to watch it! The movies I […]

On My Way to Barcelona

I‘ll be travelling to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, and will report daily summaries on-site. I will spend most of my time watching seminars from 9 AM to 6 PM, but will hopefully get some time to catch up on all the new device releases as well.

Microsoft Buys Nokia for $0

Matt Drance presents an interesting perspective to yesterday’s announcement from Microsoft and Nokia: Nokia has been running scared for years. The Symbian buyout was an acknowledgement that making truly great next-generation mobile products would be impossible without control over both hardware and software. Windows Phone 7 shows promise, but I believe Microsoft understands the same […]